The Office of Information Technology at Chung Yuan Christian University is responsible for all information technology-related services on campus. Its main duties include managing, maintaining, developing, and supporting all information equipment and systems on campus, providing high-quality information technology services, supporting the needs of teaching, academic research, and administrative management to promote the overall development of the university. The department is committed to continuously improving the quality of its services, aiming to act as the communication hub of the university, establish an intelligent, personalized, and flexible smart information service platform, and create a borderless smart campus for teaching, learning, and research. Its goal is to serve as a solid cornerstone to assist in the mid-term policy promotion of the university, continuously promote digital technology, support teaching resources, and implement the university’s information and communication security policies.

  The Office of Information Technology has three groups, including the “Technology Service Division,” “School Information Division,” and “Project Management Division.” According to the nature of business and the professional fields of colleagues, the department assigns various tasks in a group mode, aiming to achieve the unified utilization of resources and fully enhance the service quality of the department. The services provided include:

  1. Maintenance of campus networks and computer systems: The Information Technology Department is responsible for maintaining the campus network infrastructure and computer systems to ensure their stable operation while also upgrading and improving them to improve efficiency and reliability.
  2. Technical support: The Information Technology Department provides various technical support services, including resolving computer and network issues, installing software and hardware, and troubleshooting.
  3. Development and maintenance of school management systems: The Information Technology Department is responsible for developing and maintaining school management systems, including student management systems, teaching management systems, financial management systems, etc., to support the administrative management of the university.
  4. Development of digital learning: The Information Technology Department is responsible for promoting and supporting the development of digital learning, including providing related equipment and technical support, and developing and maintaining digital learning platforms.
  5. Information security management: The Information Technology Department is responsible for maintaining information security on campus, including preventing computer viruses and hacker attacks and protecting sensitive information, etc.
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